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Jun 01

Relationship Building

How are professional relationships truly successful?
There are no shortcuts in developing good relationships. It takes time and dedication to carefully understand exactly what the other wants. It’s not about what I want from the relationship; it’s about how the other person is benefiting from it. If you take a step back from the relationship, it should not look like a zero-sum equation, it should look like a progressively improving back-and-forth, where each person gains a little bit over time.
What are the fundamentals to building successful, professional relationships?
Respect and loyalty are the foundations of successful relationships. Whether it is a relationship with a building owner or with a subcontractor, there needs to be mutual respect in order for success of all parties to truly occur. Loyalty is built over time through consistent delivery and superior performance and can never be taken for granted.
What ensures lasting professional relationships?
We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. Especially in today’s harsh economic environment, these gradually cultivated relationships help aid us to a successful future. You must make sure to use all of the technology available to constantly be in contact with your best accounts and reestablish relationships with past accounts to draw attention to the benefits of your product/service.

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